Event Calendar​
  • ​FEB 28 & MAR 1, 2015 - BREWER - Penobscot Fly Fishers Cabin Fever Reliever,  Sat 10am-5pm, Sun 10am-3pm, at the Brewer Auditorium. Free admission, door prizes, speakers, booths, canoe raffle, food.
  • ​MARCH 8, 2015 - BANGOR  - Special MTA Exec Committee/Directors /Lynx Meeting. For Board Members and MTA Members only. In the big room at Bangor Motor Inn, 9am.

  • MARCH 6, 7, 8, 2015- ORONO - Eastern Maine Sportsmens Show at the University of Maine Fieldhouse.  MORE INFO

  • MARCH 21, 22, 2015 - PRESQUE ISLE - Sportsmens Show at the University of Maine at Presque Isle, Gentile Building, Sat 9-5, Sun 9-4.

  • MARCH 27, 2015 - AUGUSTA -MTA Executive Committee / Directors Meeting. Location not yet confirmed.

  • MARCH 27, 28, 29, 2015 - AUGUSTA - Maine Sportsmens Show at the Augusta Civic Center.  MORE INFO

  • APRIL 12, 2015 (Sunday) - PALMYRA - Central Maine Chapter Fur Auction at the Palmyra Community Center, Route 2 (768 Main St, formerly Consolidated School). Doors open at 7am. Auction starts at 8. Food available. Warden on site to tag fur. Small commission charged. (Directions: I-95 Exit 157, past Irving, turn left on Rt 2, go west on 2 for 4.8 miles)

  • AUGUST 20, 21, 22, 2015 (Thurs, Fri,Sat) - BETHEL - Neil Olson's New England Trappers Weekend.

  • SEPT 18 & 19, 2015 (Fri & Sat) - WINDSOR - MTA Fall Rendezvous, at the Windsor Fairgrounds. 2 days of demos, vendors, information and fun. INFO

 Trapper Education Class dates are listed on the Maine IF&W Website:

Walter L. Arnold, trapper, and one of the founders of the MTA, at his cabin in northern Maine in 1977.             photo by David Hiser
Legislative Update
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​     The Maine Trappers Association was established in 1947 to provide an organization by which those with a common interest in the sport of trapping could come together to discuss their common goals.
     Meetings of the Executive Committee are held 4 times per year. Membership meetings are held twice each year - on the first Sunday in May and in the month of September.
A newsletter, The Maine Trapper, is published quarterly and sent to all current members. If you'd like to join the MTA, go to the membership page for information.
    The MTA has a proud history of bringing about changes that have enhanced the image of trappers and trapping. We have been leaders in supporting the development of traps and trapping techniques that are effective and humane. We have successfully supported legislation that has made trapping more acceptable to the non-trapping public, including mandatory trapper education. We have successfully opposed legislation when we felt that the changes would be harmful to the future of trapping or to the furbearers we harvest. 
 Maine Trappers Association History

      In the late 1940's, Maine trappers were dissatisfied with the trapping season. The Legislature set the season at that time. Clyde Wells of Saco and H.E. Ford of Berwick thought that unifying the trappers in Maine was a necessity.  

     On September 1, 1947, the Maine Trappers Association (MTA) was formed. Luther DeVoe was elected president, Elwyn Smith was elected vice-president and J. Cliff Francis was elected secretary-treasurer. It seems that this meeting took place without the knowledge of either Mr. Ford or Mr. Wells. Membership dues were set at $1 per year.   

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Trappers Line Cabin 

   This cabin, constructed in the 1980's by the Maine Trappers Association at Leonards Mills in Bradley Maine, was typical during the early days of trapping. The line cabin was designed for an overnight stay while checking the trap line. It was very simple and meant to provide temporary shelter only. Trappers could cache food supplies, fur stretchers, extra traps and tools needed to maintain his equipment in the cabin. 
  Leonards Mills holds their Living History Days each year on the first weekend in October. They are open year round for self guided tours, picnics and hiking on their nature trails. Check their website for other events, more info and directions to the Maine Forest and Logging Museum at Leonards Mills.

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Upcoming Maine Fur Auctions / Sales

 PALMYRA - Sunday, April 12, 2015 - Central Maine Chapter Fur Auction at the Palmyra Community Center, Route 2 (768 Main St, formerly Consolidated School). Doors open at 7am. Auction starts at 8. Food available. Warden on site to tag fur. Small commission charged. (Directions: I-95 Exit 157, past Irving, turn left on Rt 2, go west on 2 for 4.8 miles)

FEB 17, 2015
The MTA is currently working with IF&W trying to get several other trap sets that the MTA membership had discussed and voted on at the "Special MTA Members Meeting" held in Bangor on 1 February. This meeting was held with the MTA members, USFWS officials, & IF&W leadership to discuss the current situation. As a result of that meeting several trap sets and administrative steps have been drafted that the membership wanted and a meeting is scheduled for this week in Augusta between the MTA and IF&W to see if IF&W will provide testing and evaluation of the proposed trap sets and if they will support several administrative recommendations. 

It is hoped (but unlikely) that if these "test trap sets" are tested ASAP that there will be enough time to provide enough data at keeping lynx out of the traps to allow their use for next season. With this said - we currently hope & pray that the "Exclusion Device" will be approved for use for the 2015 trapping season by both USFWS and IF&W in "all" the zones.

Whenever any advances are made in regards to trapping in the lynx zones and they are approved, the MTA membership will be told via their directors. Any news will also be immediately placed on the MTA web site and in the quarterly MTA Newsletter. All that can be said at this time is that your MTA officers are diligently working to not only to keep us trapping in some fashion , but are also working to get several trapper friendly trap set options tested and hopefully approved for use in the near future.

You must understand that there are three players in this mess.
#1. We the trappers; #2. IF&W; #3 USFWS
(You must also be aware that "the animal rights people have a pending law suit in motion against the USFWS" to stop trapping by having the ITP repealed)

A. We are making our pitch this week with IF&W with what the MTA membership has requested.
B. We are "hopefully" that the IF&W leadership will concur and move forward with the testing of the trap sets we have requested in a timely fashion and that they will also consider several administration recommendations we have proposed.
C. We also are hopeful that whatever IF&W test results prove effective at keeping lynx out of traps will be approved for use by the USFWS and the ITP amended to allow their use.
Sunday, March 8, 2015 - 
Special MTA Exec Committee/Directors /Lynx Meeting. For Board Members and MTA Members only. Bangor Motor Inn, Bangor, 9AM
Established September 1947